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It’s the film that moved you, with scenes you can still remember 20 years later. It’s the TV show that made you cry because you could relate, so distinctly, with the characters. It’s about art that has themes that resonate with you, help you to understand cultural and social issues, and most of all, bring you catharsis.

It’s about the impact of arts on children, and adults. It’s about making art, and the impact it has on the artist. The need for art, of all kinds, for all of us. And the funding of impactful art — the difficulties and successes.

We would love to know what resonates with you from TV, film, art exhibits, dance, and other types of art mediums. Why did it resonate?

Art has impact. This newsletter shines a light on it.

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Hopefully you’ll be inspired. We would like to create a community where people share art that has impacted them. Reading about articles and thoughtful comments can make your day a little better. And, above all, we hope that you will be drawn to supporting the arts, or at least reinforce why you already do. If you’d like to be added to the list to have access to the website, subscribe here …

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